Business Texting Solutions

Whether for sales, support, operations or customer service our all-in-one business texting solution has all the tools for effective texting communincations with your contacts.

  • Customer Service
  • Support
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations
Customer Service Texting

Provide your customers with the interaction they deserve with Texting Simplified platform that allows for fast business texting with your contacts.

  • Assign Communications To Agents
  • Set Up Numbers for Different Departments
  • Create Contact Groups
  • Automate Responses

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Support Texting

Efficiently solve customer issues without hold times. Let your customer support team respond faster and save time. Support is made simple and effective with Texting Simpilifed

  • Resolve Issues Faster
  • Shorten Annoying Wait Times
  • Easy Availability From Wherever
  • Positive Interactions With Contacts

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Sales & Marketing Texting

Whether you have a small or large business, business text messaging assist in maximizing sales by allowing you to stay on top of leads and contacts.

  • Convert More Leads
  • Quick Response Time
  • Easy Way to Follow Up
  • Send Friendly Reminders

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Operations Texting

Texting Simplified is a great solution for your team to conduct efficient internal operations so that workflow communications are optimal.

  • Efficient Time Management
  • Immediate Issue Resolution
  • Coordination is Easier
  • Create Departmental Groups
  • Manage Group Messaging Campaigns

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